SFC5 | Practical Filming

For this film I want to include a skateboarding sequence that captures the freedom that the main character, Fred, feels when he is riding his board. In order to do this I have drawn out some shots that don’t appear at first to have a straightforward way of being filmed. This has forced me to […]

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SFC5 | Choosing a Soundtrack

For this film, I want to have a soundtrack that represents the main character as well as the genre in which his life takes place. I have looked at different genres of music and compared the characteristics they posses with Freds character, and one genre that I feel comes very close to fred is Punk/rock. […]

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SFC5 | Story-boarding

For most films, story-boarding is a key way of realising the core elements that will be required to make a film, as well as communicating visual ideas around the different possibilities of camera angle to have each shot. I like to use story-boarding as a way to help me visualise my story. it lets me […]

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SFC5 | The Look

Making a film that makes use of multiple dream sequences brings with it a unique opportunity to somewhat experiment with the look of the film, at least within the dreamscape. I know my dreamland scenes will be themed towards the fantastical, and I am taking inspiration from ‘Brazil’, but I also want to see what […]

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SFC5 | Locations

I am setting my film in the sleepy town of Malvern, which also happens to be the place I live. I have always thought Malvern had plenty of visually appealing areas that would translate well into film, so I started searching for location within Malvern I could use for my short film. I need to keep […]

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SFC5 | Film Proposal Presentation

For my film proposal, I needed to include enough information about my film so that I can communicate my vision for the project well enough to “sell” the film. The purpose of a film proposal is to get interest from potential investors and supporters so that I will have enough funding and resources to produce my […]

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