SFC5 | Reflective Report

This module has been one that brings me a great mix of feelings. Although I am pleased with the final outcome, I still wish I did a few things differently along the way to ensure my original vision was realised, and ultimately would have enjoyed my final film a lot more if I had taken […]

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SFC5 | The Edit

The edit truly is what makes the film. This stage of the project is too often left to be done without enough time to properly explore the many options made available. Even by this stage, the film can still change its final form vastly depending on the decisions made in the edit. I have tried […]

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SFC5 | Practical Filming

For this film I want to include a skateboarding sequence that captures the freedom that the main character, Fred, feels when he is riding his board. In order to do this I have drawn out some shots that don’t appear at first to have a straightforward way of being filmed. This has forced me to […]

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SFC5 | Choosing a Soundtrack

For this film, I want to have a soundtrack that represents the main character as well as the genre in which his life takes place. I have looked at different genres of music and compared the characteristics they posses with Freds character, and one genre that I feel comes very close to fred is Punk/rock. […]

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SFC5 | Story-boarding

For most films, story-boarding is a key way of realising the core elements that will be required to make a film, as well as communicating visual ideas around the different possibilities of camera angle to have each shot. I like to use story-boarding as a way to help me visualise my story. it lets me […]

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SFC5 | The Look

Making a film that makes use of multiple dream sequences brings with it a unique opportunity to somewhat experiment with the look of the film, at least within the dreamscape. I know my dreamland scenes will be themed towards the fantastical, and I am taking inspiration from ‘Brazil’, but I also want to see what […]

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