EP2 | Branding and User Journey

My web series will be hosted on its own website which will need to have a specific look and design that will represent itself effectively to a viewer. This design will work well across different devices, which will make my series much more accessible. This way it can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones. […]

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EP2 | Producing Scripts

Because I was making a series which had multiple versions of an episode, I had to produce multiple scripts for the pilot. I have included links to each script below: ‘Click’ Script – NO ‘Click’ Script – YES It was certainly a challenge to produce to scripts which were similar enough to be based on […]

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EP2 | Creating Characters

‘Click’ Character Portraits Jacob Grimm Our protagonist. We follow Jacob throughout the series and influence his story through interactions with technology. Jacob is a detective who has experienced the loss of his closest work colleague, Billy Urden. Jacob’s motivation is to prove to himself he is a good detective and therefore prove he did all […]

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EP2 | Making a Story with choices

How many paths could this story take? One problem that quickly became clear when making an interactive story that offers different paths  is the number of paths you need to create. Its very easy to make a story follow a set path, but how do you make one that follows a constantly changing path and still make […]

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EP2 | Making my idea work

I originally wanted to create a web series that would use a wide range of different media to tell its story. It could take the form of video, audio, still image, text and anything else that can be put online. After reviewing this idea, I realise that it is far to complicated for an audience […]

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