SFC5 | Making 10 Minute Stories


As it was important to establish a running time for my film, I decided to look at other short films of around 10 minuets and break down their structures so that I could build my own film in a similar way. This should give me a better understanding of how long my film is likely to be.

Act one:

  • The story opens inside Fred’s Subconscious after he has fallen off his board and is unconscious.
  • We experience his dream. He is in some kind of vast field as a mysterious and beautiful woman approaches him. Its clear he has fallen for her.
  • Fred is suddenly pulled away from his new fantasy as he wakes up and is blinded by the light of the real world.
  • He is helped up to his feet by someone with a sweet voice but takes no time to recover and speeds off in search of a way to re-visit the woman of his dreams.

Act two:

  • Fred is now obsessed with returning to his dreamscape
  • He tries to knock himself out with an array of objects getting gradually heavier and more painful. He only succeeds in making a mess getting some nasty bruises.
  • He starts exploring other methods, but ends up discovering a simple electric shock will send him straight to his dreamland with fairly few side effect
  • At first he is satisfied but eventually needs more. He wants to stay with in his dream forever

Act three:

  • Fred uses his resourcefulness and a quick google search to bodge together a contraption that will deliver enough of a shock to put his body into a coma like state.
  • He get ready to activate the machine, but as it begins to power up he reflects on his life. He starts to wander what he will miss. He starts thinking about what started this obsession
  • It was an accident! He saw a pretty woman in his path so jumped off his board to avoid hitting her.
  • The woman of Freds dreams is real! But its too late, and Fred cooks himself alive with his last thought being of her.

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