SFC5 | Film Proposal Presentation

For my film proposal, I needed to include enough information about my film so that I can communicate my vision for the project well enough to “sell” the film. The purpose of a film proposal is to get interest from potential investors and supporters so that I will have enough funding and resources to produce my film. Things a potential investor will want to know include:

  • A concept of the film – This often includes a synopsis or logline that will communicate the general idea of what the film is about across to the investor.
  • Story outline – A more detailed outline of what happens in the film. Specific plot points are covered here.
  • Character details – It’s important for an investor to understand the characters within this film so they can see how they might appeal to certain audiences.
  • Target Audience – This is crucial from a marketing point of view, and most investors will want to know how they can market the film
  • Film Genre – The genre of the film is what will determine many other aspects such as audience. It also helps an investor understand what this film will be like.
  • Inspirations and research – This is very important as it will build a much better image of what your film will look like if you can show images that are inspiring your film. This is essentially the look and feel to the film.
  • Locations – Information about where the film could be filmed adds to the imagery of the film and therefore reinforces the vision.
  • Logistics – Its very helpful for an investor to see that things like travel, crew requirements, kit requirements etc have been considered.
  • Platforms – Where will the film be seen? This will hugely affect the final output of the film.
  • Execution – How will this film be made? Detailing plans for the film is important so that it is clear that it is possible to make this film.

Below is a link to my proposal presentation

Nose Bonk! Proposal


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