SFC5 | Initial Ideas

Idea one: ‘GET UP!’

  • A dramatic short film about how it feels to get up in the morning
  • From the point of view of the person trying to get up
  • What things do they think/say as they become increasingly more frustrated about still being in bed?
  • Harsh cuts and dramatic shots as the snooze alarm keeps waking them up again and again
  • Create a monologue that will be narrated throughout the film


Idea two: ‘Building Nostalgia’

  • An in depth video essay about the feeling of nostalgia and how it is produced in films
  • Look into the effects on the audience
  • Case study on Christopher Bingham ‘Bing’ vlogs (Bing Radio)
  • How difficult is it to produce this feeling?
  • Attempt to capture the emotion and show an audience to see if it works
  • Is it purely personal? or can it be made synthetically?

Idea three: (Objects tell stories)

  • A short film made from one sweeping shot of a location
  • All the objects in this location will be telling a story
  • Done in one take/seemingly one take
  • Sounds are used as clues to what the story is (background noises)
  • Potentially use audio from an interview to inspire the location/objects
  • Have sound of interview play over film as narration
  • The story of someones life?

Idea four: (Image from sound)



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