EP2 | Web Mystery

I decided to pursue my second idea of a web based mystery that would span across multiple platforms. I developed this idea further, considering these 6 important areas:


An online interactive series about a mystery that the audience must solve in order for the story to be completed.


A terrible crime has been committed by a mysterious gentleman who refers to himself as Yellow Eyes. With help from the calm as sophisticated Inspector Grief it is up to you, the audience, to solve the mystery.


This will be a mystery/crime themes serial.


This serial will use hidden links and video annotations as a way for the audience to find their way around this virtual world and discover clues, but will also encourage them to collaborate on social media in order to solve the mystery. Some clues will be much harder to find than others therefore the community created by this series will need to come together in order to solve the mystery as quickly as possible. In order to really gain and understanding of the case and eventually solve it, they must look for hidden links that are in the original video which will lead them on a trail to find evidence and clues to solve the mystery. The clues can be photos, videos, text, audio and any other form  of media, but in order to make sense of it all the viewer is encouraged to collaborate with the whole audience online to share information and ideas.


13-25. I believe the dependence on interactivity and the internet, as well as the requirement to solve potentially quite cryptic and obscure clues means and audience will be primarily 13-25 year old internet users who also use social media regularly.


This would require a cross web platform in order to operate effectively. As well as using its own website as a fixed starting point for all viewers, there is a potential for spreading into multiple online platforms as clues can be put anywhere. This means websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc are all fitting possibilities for places where clues and community activity can be found. With the use of social media, this project has the capacity to expand into a multi-platform experience that can engage a wide audience and generate a large following.



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