EP2 | Making my idea work

I originally wanted to create a web series that would use a wide range of different media to tell its story. It could take the form of video, audio, still image, text and anything else that can be put online. After reviewing this idea, I realise that it is far to complicated for an audience to access easily.

To refine my idea into something that could be delivered effectively to a wider audience I decided it should be kept as a series of videos. The interactive element in this idea is still similar to the original concept of finding clues, as a viewer is now required to click on parts of the video to make an interaction occur that will alter the narrative path of our protagonist. This web series is called ‘Click’ as a viewers mouse click will have a direct affect on the story. I like the idea of the main character being conscious of these interactions in some way.


Basic Story:

A modern day noir detective is the only person who can see through the 4th wall and interact with the audience and asks their help in finding who is responsible for turning all household appliances into autonomous robots.


This series offers a view on modern day technology as an overpowering force that ultimately decides how we live our day to day lives.


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