EP2 | Ideas for an Interactive Story

  • [1] B.R.O.X style video – Changes over time. The audience has to wait for events to unfold in real time within the story, before they can be found within the video(s).

Development : Time sensitive story/ Who are they? – This mystery themed serial is based around the idea of keeping aspects of the story hidden from viewers until the story has progressed far enough for new information to appear. This new information would offer either a different viewpoint on previously established parts of the story, or give further details on specific events that occurred that would fill in where certain characters may have been at times they weren’t around in an episode. As the narrative of this story progresses more and more of the bonus content is made available, however it is still up to the audience to find where it is hidden in the previous episodes. When new bonus content is added to old episodes the viewer will be able to find a link to the new content embedded within the video itself. For example, a pile of letters that was seen in episode 1 could become a clickable link to a webpage showing what was in those letters. This can be achieved on video platforms such as YouTube by inserting annotations with the link into the video at the same the object you want to contain the link appears. A viewer that then clicks on this object will follow the link to whatever the content is. As time goes on the links can be changed to take viewers to different content and therefore offer different information depending on the time that viewer was watching.

This idea could be used in a way that produces a series about a person who lives an entirely different life depending on what time you, as the viewer, start watching. This could create an interesting dialogue within the audience as they talk about this character in different ways as they have experienced them.


  • [2] Secret/Hidden Stories – This series would be made up of videos hidden around the internet or even the real world. Hidden links within each video can take the viewer to new videos which explain the story further or add new elements to it. Alternatively, each episode/video is in a different location in the real world and viewers must travel here to find each episode.

Development: A story hidden across the web – This crime/mystery series would be made up of content that is hidden throughout the internet. The audience would start at a main video that would set up the mystery and explain to them what their involvement in solving the case is. The viewers are then able to start learning about the case in more detail through a few provided pieces of information, but in order to really gain and understanding of the case and eventually solve it, they must look for hidden links that are in the original video which will lead them on a trail to find evidence and clues to solve the mystery. The clues can be photos, videos, text, audio and any other form  of media, but in order to make sense of it all the viewer is encouraged to collaborate with the whole audience online to share information and ideas. With the use of social media, this project has the capacity to expand into a multi-platform experience that can engage a wide audience and generate a large following.


  • [3] Point of View video – A conversation between two people where the viewer can choose who’s point of view they can watch from. They can switch POV at any point in the video.

Development:  A conversation between two people in different scenarios. These conversations will be available via app and the viewer can swipe between who’s point of view they wish to observe the conversation. The conversations are based around real life situations such as an interview and are aimed to help individuals understand how they may come across in professional conversations. Giving a viewer the ability to observe from both sides of a conversation could help teach individuals the importance of body language as well as language in a conversation.   


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