EP2 | Creating Characters

‘Click’ Character Portraits

Jacob Grimm

  • Our protagonist. We follow Jacob throughout the series and influence his story through interactions with technology. Jacob is a detective who has experienced the loss of his closest work colleague, Billy Urden.
  • Jacob’s motivation is to prove to himself he is a good detective and therefore prove he did all he could to prevent Billy’s surprising death.
  • Jacob desires to solve the unsolvable case of the worlds technology coming to life.
  • Jacob’s challenge is to accept he could have done many things differently that may have prevented Billy’s death, but that ultimately things played out the way they did. He needs to accept and morn his loss.
  • Jacob is a young adult. Mid/later 20s.

Billy Urden

  • Billy was Jacobs close friend and work colleague who dies in a horrific accident involving technology.
  • Billy was motivated by Jacobs ability to solve crimes. He was always impressed by how naturally crime solving came to Jacob.
  • Billy desired to be as good as Jacob one day.
  • Billy’s only challenge was his clumsy nature that often got him into trouble.
  • Billy was a young adult when he died, but younger than Jacob. Mid 20s.


  • The Sergeant is in charge at the police office. He is Jacobs superior and enjoys seeing work get done.
  • He is motivated by the city he lives in. He loves his city and the people in it.
  • His desire is to lead his team well enough to keep his city safe and secure.
  • His Challenge is to make time for his social and personal life.
  • The Sergeant is middle aged. Late 30s/ early 40s.

Office Worker (Sally Hope)

  • Sally is an office worker at the police office. Her job is important but simple. Lots of paperwork is involved.
  • Her motivation is to find something to make her life more interesting. She feels a need to change something.
  • She desires to meet new people. She believes that is the key to finding interest in her life.
  • Her challenge is overcoming her social awkwardness and shyness.
  • Sally is a young adult. Mid 20s.

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